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Dance Machines has an award winning Dance Crew. Each Dance Crew provides a challenge for our students to be the best that they can be. It is such an exciting way to build that self esteem and pride in your dancer.
Dance Crew is focused on several aspects of dance. Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and Modern are just some of the subjects that will be taught. It travels the DFW/Texas area and competitions are generally scheduled in late Winter and Spring. Highly accredited judges will critique your dances and will sometimes provide an audio/video review of your dance. Workshops often accompany the competition and are highly recommended for your benefit.



How many hours per week are we required to attend?

A minimum of 4 hours is required, however more hours may be offered to your dancer, depending on the different styles of dance that they may be interested in.

Are you required to attend Conventions?

No, it is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that you attend the different Conventions that are offered. 

How many Competitions will we attend?

We attend 4 competitions, beginning in February and ending in May.  Most are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   The Crew will sometimes travel to San Antonio, Austin, and Houston for Competitions.

Are extra practices required?

Sometimes it is necessary to have an extra practice before a competition.  These times and dates will be given to you in advance, so that you can plan your day.


Auditions are done in the classroom setting.  Each Director of The Crew is observing your dancer in class.  Invitations to The Crew are based on recommendations from the teacher.  For example: your attendance in class, the attentiveness you show to the teacher?s instruction, your drive, style and enthusiasm in the classroom setting.

Do you have more questions?

Each Crew member?s parent/guardian is required to attend a Teacher Talk with our Directors of the The Crew.  This is your opportunity to meet one on one, and discuss the most important thing?..your dancer?s endless possibilities in the dance world.

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